BryshaWilson Press is an artisan publisher of quality books selected on the basis of literary merit or other cultural worth. We specialise in producing eBooks but also issue print runs when warranted.

Using the revolutionary possibilities of digital publishing and on-line sales, we are able to bypass traditional print for profit business models and mass-market imperatives in bringing the works of our authors to a discerning readership.

Our special interests are in literary writings of all genres; poetry; works dealing with any area of the arts and popular culture; histories, biographies and scholarly works for a general readership; works on any aspect of dance from general interest to highly specialised.

From time to time, we will also on-sell volume (hard print) editions of self/privately or independently published works that likewise fit our criteria but have been unable to reach their readership through traditional shop sales.

Print books are sold exclusively through this web site. Although the payments are processed through PayPal, they can be made by credit card alone, without the need for a PayPal account.

Our eBooks are sold on Amazon, iBooks and Kobo.