Pause for Thought

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Most of us are always rushing, racing from here to there, whether in an anxious frenzy or with determined purpose. Why? The answers are as varied as our propelled persons but we rarely take the time to stop and ask, does it always have to be like that?
How long has it been since we gazed at the world around us even through our weary eyes let alone the sparkly inquiring eyes of a child?

Larry Buttrose’s beautiful poem Two takes us back to our original selves when we were new and still close to the magic of existence.

My son of two sees the moon
In a raindrop, a daisy twirled above him
As a star...

With pristine clarity the poet shows us a glimpse of the world of a child. In four stanzas we relive the wonder of first experience and children’s imaginative ideas in response, yet in these same four stanzas the idyll is subverted as the poet gently pulls us up with his own perceptions of adult reality and its limitations. So, after a precious pause we are released to rush off again...

Two is from Selected Poems by Larry Buttrose (BryshaWilson Press, 2017), print edition $14.99 (p & p included), available exclusively from BryshaWilson Press, and eBook $8.99 from Amazon and Kobo.

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