BryshaWilson Press is a publisher of eBooks only.

As a publisher of works selected on the basis of literary and/or cultural worth, BWP accepts submissions that reflect such criteria. Our special interests are in literary writings of all genres; poetry; works dealing with any area of the arts, Australian indigenous culture and popular culture; histories, biographies and scholarly works for a general readership; works on any aspect of dance from general interest to highly specialised.

Submissions must include:
  • name and contact details
  • title of work being submitted
  • name of author if different from above
  • genre/type of work: e.g. literature/novel etc; poetry; literary fiction—uncategorised/other (please specify); history; biography; non-fiction—uncategorised/other (please specify)
  • short, introductory summary/outline of the work
  • brief description/explanation of how the work meets the criteria of literary and/or cultural worth, and intended readership
  • list of contents
  • sample of the text that includes the first chapter or first 10 pages of the manuscript
  • the author must warrant to the best of the author’s knowledge that the work being submitted is original with the author, that the author is the sole author and proprietor of the work, or has been assigned the rights delineated above

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