Selected Poems Launched at Event

Larry Buttrose in Conversation with Elizabeth Farrelly

The Balmain Library hosted an author talk by Larry Buttrose in conversation with Sydney Morning Herald columnist and cultural critic Elizabeth Farrelly, who also launched Larry’s latest book Selected Poems (BryshaWilson Press, 2017) at the event held last Thursday (5 October, 2017).

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Meet Author Larry Buttrose — writer of many talents

Larry Buttrose is a writer of such diverse talents that his output as a published author defies umbrella categorisation. Some might regard him first and foremost as a gifted poet whose literary works also include novels and plays. Others will know him as the author of travel books and popular non-fiction titles dealing with aspects of culture and history. As a journalist he is well known for his contributions to various major Australian publications. Most recently he has become known to many as the writing talent behind the non-fiction best seller A Long Way Home, which he co-wrote with Saroo Brierley and which was subsequently made into the award winning and Oscar nominated movie Lion.

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Barry Kitcher, Ballet Veteran Author, Turns 87

Barry Kitcher, whose popular memoir From Gaolbird to Lyrebird was reissued last year by BryshaWilson Press as an eBook, featuring over 300 photos ($11.99, available from Amazon, iBooks and Kobo), today celebrates his 87th birthday. The Borovansky Ballet veteran and founding member of The Australian Ballet spent his whole working life employed in theatre of various types. On retirement he glanced back and decided to write a memoir of the historic times through which he had lived. That was more than 20 years ago. He published the book at the turn of this century and over time sold out!

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iBooks, too, for you from BryshaWilson Press

We are now selling our eBooks at the iBook Store, as well as at Amazon Kindle Store and Kobo Store. Apple users rejoice! If you have never read an eBook your time has come. Every Apple device comes with the iBook app not only installed but linked directly to the iBook Store. Our eBooks are now just a few clicks away.

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In Praise of Private Libraries

Since when has having a personal library been deemed “book hoarding”? The damning pejorative “hoarding” is one of the more recent catch cries of the same consumer culture that has given us enough disposable income to spend on all the goods it produces.

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