Lynne Golding, Australian Ballerina

When the first full Swan Lake was staged in Australia (Princess Theatre, Melbourne, 1951) Lynne Golding’s stellar performance as Odette/Odile made her an overnight ballet sensation but it took her many years to get there. Battling extreme poverty during the Depression, she cleaned her ballet teacher’s studio in exchange for lessons. Needing to earn a living, she danced on the Tivoli circuit until all her classical ballet dreams came true in one spectacular lucky break. Too short for the corps de ballet, she made a magnificent Swan Queen.
Like many other mid-twentieth century dancers she followed her ballet dream around the world, until finally settling in Melbourne where she established herself as a legendary ballet teacher.
Edith Pillbury’s biography captures Golding’s tireless devotion and infectious joie de vivre that inspired audiences and students around the world. It is written from a strong ballet perspective because the author is also a ballet teacher, which gives it additional value as a book for all who love ballet.
Classical ballet is a constantly evolving, dynamic art but the essence remains the same and it is only the journeys taken in search of it that change. By any standards Lynne Golding’s was a fascinating one.
This beautiful hardcover book features an introduction by prominent Australian theatre historian Frank Van Straten and has 116 pages, including index and bibliographical references, and 152 illustrations, many of them photographs of Lynne Golding dancing.

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Lynne Golding, Australian Ballerina
by Edith Pillsbury
Allegro Publishing, Oregon, 2008
ISBN 9780615208435
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